Fall Goals

Instant Pot.
Got it last Christmas and its still in the box. Cringe. This is a horrible habit (more like, part of me!!!) that I long to change. Often times I turn my back on something and say "tomorrow!" or "ya know, this weekend I'll do that!" and all of a sudden its been YEARS. Exercising. reading. trying a recipe. decorating a room. sewing a quilt. breaking in my instant pot out. thats pitiful. and embarrassing.

Sewing my cozy quilt
Oh hey, another thing I've put off for so more than a year. I even have the fabric! Perhaps this will be a great gift baby gift?!

Espresso machine
I gifted Josh an espresso machine last Christmas because he loves his caffeine and is methodical in so many ways. He jumped right in, but I didn't. I'd like to learn how to use it so I can confidently make my own latte.

Reorganize kitchen by way of laundry room.
Not sure how this one will look... purge a bit. install at least one rolling shelf to utilize space better.