Momentum in prayer + connection (and why I'm not letting grass grow here!)

ValMariePaper's products, videos and blog have been a highlight forme this past week. I just discovered her and her incredible products and am eagerly waiting for my prayer journal (and Erin's pregnancy prayer journal!!)

Shared this with Josh today... I don't ever want to forget it:

From Val's blog post titled The Exponential Cost of Missed Prayer:
Darren Hardy shares this concept when trying to develop any habit in The Compound Effect: 

“It’s like the wheels of a steam locomotive. At a standstill, it takes very little to keep it from moving forward – a one-inch block of wood placed under the front wheel will do the job. … But once the train starts rolling, the wheels get into a rhythm. If the pressure remains consistent, the train gains momentum, and watch out! At 55 miles an hour, that train can crash through a five-foot, steel-reinforced concrete wall and keep on going.” 

We can be stopped by a little piece of wood or we can plow through steel and concrete. We can get distracted by a fly buzzing around our bedroom or dishes in the sink or pray through big moments of fear, Tangled playing in the background or even staring at a full inbox. This makes me want to get moving and not stop because I’m committed to this relationship and I want to see it flourish. This reminds me that lost time in prayer isn’t about that one prayer, but a future of easing into conversations with God or having to fight tooth and nail to resist a world or distractions.


Satan wants us to let grass grow on the path to our prayer chamber.