Praying for the wee ones

There is somethin' in the water!

Krystal spilled the beans unsolicited at the art fair. Jill and Justin called excitedly on a Friday evening. I don't think I had ever talked to those two over the phone. And shortly after, two more instagram announcements from acquaintances. Babies everywhere!

My heart swells for them. Absolutely swells. God, please bless these mamas, their hearts and bodies and those little babies.

As I scrolled through instagram this morning, Michelle Myers' post caught my eye. She writes, "Want an awesome idea the om you know having a baby? Write Scripture as prayers with her baby's name writton in on small cards like @crzybrdcaroline did for me. I am treasuring using these to pray over Shea. Thank you, sweet friend!"

What a beautiful thoughtful gift! I hope to do this for Jill and Krystal and for our little baby Black when God leads us to that blessing.

And, because I always enjoy hearing and considering names for future children..(!)...
girlies: Ruby (middle Alise, Quinn, Shea), Shea
boys: Ty, Davis, Hayes


Filling Sundays.

I struggle with Sunday nights. So does Josh. Anyone else?

I've noticed a big shift, though, in my attitude the last few weekends.

When I'm saying yes to fun summery activities (that usually include tons of sun + festive things like an ISU vs. IOWA game like yesterday) and making a commitment to stay CLOSE in prayer and at church, my attitude is so much more positive.

My focus has to be where God wants it. Where He directs it.

I realize more and more He fills us up like nothing else can.

And when you're full? "Blue" isn't even on the spectrum of a relaxing Sunday night.

On being a channel.

I'm sure you've felt that nudge. A certain thought that keeps floating to the top of your mind. A feeling you're just not able to shake. A person pops up that you feel the need to reach out to but have no idea specifically why they popped up now?!

The last month has been so rewarding...learning and listening and moving.... because of listening to those nudges.

SEALED Paperie and all custom design work done through my freelance brand (Bridget Black Creative) is attributed to the nudge I felt from God. over and over.

I love design. I love home decor. I truly believe in the positivity and light that is only achieved through God. More than anything, I've felt nudged to share that with other people. Simply, share it. How that exactly looks and morphs is still to be determined. But I want to help you surround yourself (or maybe just one wall in your living room ;) ) with a scripture verse that fills you up with God's light. A piece of art that makes your heart swell. A music lyric that brings you back.

I've learned my purpose is to be a channel for God's light to those who long to keep His truth in the forefront of their home and to guide their minds and families.

A channel... it's not me. It's Him. It is the Holy Spirit.

I will do this through designed prints, gifts and stationery that will point to and breath His truth.